MDDB statement

We recognise the need for a collaborative effort to create, establish, and sustain a database that allows findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability of molecular dynamics simulation data. Establishing a curated archive for biosimulation data would democratize our field, and materialise the impact of MD simulations on life-science research.

We invite you to read our statement and show us your support.

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Further reading

Policy brief

This document provides an initial policy brief on the necessity of MDDB, outlining its core objectives and its alignment with existing European initiatives. It highlights the important of engaging with national roadmaps and the ESFRI framework, emphasising MDDB’s strategic significance in the European research infrastructure landscape. Furthermore, it presents key strategies to achieve project goals and advance the development of MDDB.

Report on interoperability

This report explores the different levels of interoperability in biology and structural biology, including standardised formats, dictionaries, and ontologies. It highlights the key actors working towards harmonising the life sciences digital ecosystem. The frameworks detailed in this document will provide the foundation for achieving interoperability in molecular dynamics simulation data.